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10 considerations when designing for mobile

This is the first 10 steps to take your mobile design skills to the next level

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10 Considerations For Mobile DesignWhen designing for the desktop you can consider the end-user environment, when designing for print you can picture where the magazine will be read but when design for mobile the end-user scenarios are so varied and so far ranging that todays savvy mobile designer needs to develop an entirely different skill set.

Mobile Meet Up - Glassblowers in London's SohoThis is the edited version of a presentation I gave at Mobile Meet Up on Tues 27th Sept about ‘10 key considerations when designing for mobile.  I must stress this doesn’t mean there are only 10, in fact it’s the opposite, there are many more considerations. But here are my top 10:

1. Real Estate

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

Whether you coming from a desktop background or from advertising the canvas size you have to pay with is drastically reduced on the mobile environment.

Over the years the relative screen size difference has increased. The difference between the smallest (128 x 128) and the largest (800 x 480) is now a factor of 23. That means the largest screen is 23 times bigger than the smallest one.

2. Design with distraction front-of-mind

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

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Our vision for Shopping on Mobile Web



El Corte Inglés S.A. (English: The English Cut as in tailor’s cut), headquartered in Madrid, is the biggest department store group in Europe and ranks 4 worldwide. El Corte Inglés is Spain’s only remaining department store chain, as well as owner of several associated businesses, such as supermarket chains Hipercor, Supercor & Opencor, fashion chain Sfera as well as a travel agency (Viajes El Corte Ingles) and telephone provider (Telecor).


Incorporating a nav search, a store finder with the traditional basket top right design a media rich experience for shopping on  your phone. By captivating a customer and therefore increasing spend, design a system of sub navigation that is convincing and compelling. Drilling deeper into the experience,  screens can display products with the the added mobile features of sort and zoom.  Product Info and descriptions, including ‘Add to Basket’ and ‘Wish List’ functionality plus the ability to share your purchase are all important consideration.


Branding an iPad Casino App

1.0 Aims and Objectives

To produce the best-in-class iPad and iPhone App for playing slots and table games.

Recently I was involved in conceptualise and leading the UI for a iOS casino App for both iPhone and iPad.  I’m not going to detail all design decisions here but walk you through my perspective on why branding for this product is so important and why the decisions made differentiate it enough to stand-out in what is already a fiercely competitive and crowded marketplace.

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Best practice for your on-boarding experience

Getting new sign-ups is arguable the ultimate challenge, but the process of helping people get started, called on-boarding, can prevent many users from feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused. It’s your responsibility, as a professional UXer, to shake their hand and show them the ropes and take them on that ‘first date’.

Drilling-down on the detail of the betting coupon - on-boarding

Drilling-down on the detail of the betting coupon – on-boarding

The Do’s and Don’ts

Downloading and jumping straight into an experience you’ve just heard about is one of the most exciting parts of UX design. So, when formulating this, be conscious not build further barriers as part of the on-boarding. The ‘Skip’ or ‘Tell me later’ and continuous Swipe is an important tool.


Slide-in illustration of how to access your betslip

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Wireframing an iPad Casino App

Focusing on planning functionality and layout without design is the most efficient way of concentrating decision markers (especially business or product-owners) to agree on functionality without distraction. Think: function over form.

Personally I love to use traditional pen and paper for wireframing. How about you?

First launch feature areas

This is the main ‘shop window’ to the experience. On first launch, the user to launched in the gambling casino world. Pre-selected games adopt the ‘parallax scrolling’ technique and occupy the prime real estate. There is also functionality to drill down via category types. Account Management and Help are all ‘front-of-store’, as is the ability to push sign up and login promotions.


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Mobile best practice for registration – Put the users needs before technology

User Registration on Mobile

Watch the videoWatch the animated version here

I have recently been involved in both high-level concept generation through to territory specific text changes in the exiting world of User Registration. These are my top 5 tips to help you streamline your process or find some inspiration.

1. Do not turn-off your client

Very early on you begin to realise that you, as a UX designer answering to Business and shakeholders alike, should avoid providing a dry and labour-intensive solution to what is a tedious process. This will inevitable put off, or turn off, potential new customers from the start. So, as they walk through your virtual door, try to present a broken-down and achievable process where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t forget : Break your offer into bite-sized chunks

Regulations possibly dictate that your customers will need to supply certain information. If so, have them supply that information up-front. That way you, as a caring and customer-centric company can temporally capture that info and call them back should they drop-off. Then you can ask ‘Is everything allright? Can we help you further with your registration?”

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What’s your favourite wire-framing style?


Pick your battles, know your styles

Whether for desktops, on a tablet or the this mythical idea of a mobile internet (there is only one web to experience – but that a different post!) the modern UX-er should be skilled in the art of wire-framing. The style you use should come from the answers to these three things:

  • Process – From low-fidelity through to fully functioning prototypes is the sure-fire route to excellence. In reality, how often does this really happen. If you have enforce a process, I would insist on the sketching and on the final design stages.
  • Resources – I have sat in top-level boardroom meetings in the most stylish settings in the capital, tea and coffee from all over the world. Clearly, resources were not a factor here – so you would be expected to know Azure inside out and be expected to roll-out full functioning Fireworks prototypes. You may even get some business heads thinking your protoypes were so good , it’s a done job!
  • Quick turnaround – Picture the scenario, your stakeholder is looking for a quick – fix. You have fought your corner but there are no requirements, no analysis, no nothing. Always try to push for more than a few scribbles on the back of napkin but sometimes it is more productive just to get on with it.

Depending on the answers to these issues will depend on the wireframing style you deploy

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Hybrid Betting App for Android

Brief: Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Presented as a prime example of evolution through to revolution, this time critical design refresh delivered a vastly improved user experience. User are able to bet on:

  • Live events
  • Navigate and explore betting odds using the phones functionality
  • Locate events nearby to place bets on.

Discovery Phase

Following an extension review of the current offer, a synopsis of the competition and a round-table review session of the proposed mobile web visual language, I proposed three conceptual directions:

  • Concept One – Expandable menue (Progressive Disclose) Evolution
  • Concept Two – Carousel (Android tab slider)
  • Concept Three – Icons and Grids (3×3) Revolution

Revolution not evolution

Following several rounds, and really diving-deep during the Discovery Phase the decision was made to go for Revolution not Evolution. Yippee!

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Splash Page

Acting as a form of brand reinforcement splash screens both allow the App 4-5 seconds loading time. Although this is not technically necessary as Android can do immediate start, it does provide an opportunity to build loyalty amongst the customer base.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Live Betting / Sports Betting

Whether you are concentrating on Proposition bets i.e wagers or very specific outcome of a match, for example betting whether a player will score in a football game, or Parlays involving multiple bets the UI provides easy sport-type search and Live search, plus continual streaming information via a live ticker feed.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet


Tabbed content is delivered via custom designed iconography. This interface enables the user to save favourites sports type and reference for later.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet


Using the unique ability of the modern day smart phones and it’s GPS is perfectly suited to find and bet on events happening near you.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Tablet Translation

With a nod to the mobile device the tablet version became a natural extension of that experience.

Tablet Shop Window

The user is guided to the four most relevant and most popular categories. Value adds include seasonal promotions and ‘ticker’ functionality.

Tablet Home

in:play or Live Betting is the most desirable feature for an eager audience. Football, then Horse Racing followed by Tennis lead the popularity stakes, which is presented front-of-house under the understandable title of Sports betting

This is but part of a selec­tion of design information rus­sell­webb­de­sign gen­er­ated for the creative community out there. Please con­tact us fur­ther to dis­cuss if your brand really wants to ben­e­fit from this new immer­sive expe­ri­ence here:

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Marketing your App through the channels

How to marketing a brand new digital product

This is the challenging part of any marketing brief. You can target your Digital Tribes, whether they be Early Adopters or true Laggards, one sure-fire way is through traditional streams. Using traditional media is a concrete method of new product promotion and should not ignored. Remember: Print is NOT dead.

Building scenarios

Building scenarios

An effective method fo marketing a product to place a customer into the shoes of a typical user.

"I've got a secret but I can't tell anyone"

This opening statement defines a need state for this privacy service. Then you explain the scenario and how the product can benefit that customer. If you can translate this into an attractive case-study, then you have a winner.

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How to push your users to download your app

Watch the videoWatch the video here

Provide a mobile web experience that makes you want more.

This is the dilemma. You have the resources, you have the idea but the richer and more immersive experience is inside your app, not your mobile web site. How do you push your user to download it?

Download, download, download

Providing a unified experience across all channels can stretch the most resourceful of companies . Sometimes a better strategy is to provide the ultimate level if functionality, the best UX on the platform that can best deliver that experience.

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