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How brand identity works

Integrated brand identify both help reputation and consumer awareness. I was tasked with conceptualising a strong brand identity for a new Russian hedge fund. This involves developing routes that generated the tone, style and flavor of the brand across a 2D and 3D environment. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • color
  • type
  • photography/imagery
  • logos
  • design grid
  • Signage

Here is how I did it;

Concept 1 – New Dawn – A new today

Aspirational. That’s all it is. Clients are looking to dream, and at a product discovery level this is your job, as a creative to deliver that dream.  So, here I delivered a fresh concept concentrating on the business concept of a new start, symbolising both the birth of a new identity and the potential fresh satrt of new ‘start-up’ customers.


Logo type and logo mark


Outdoor campaign


Merchandising collateral


Stationery suite


Concept 2 – Money is here

Employing a mechanism that symbolised the collective is a popular brand identity technique. Both companies and individuals want to be re-assured that they either have there team of their financial institution backing them. The clever designer should also include a graphic device that also contrasts this, as unique-mess and individualism is also important to both large businesses and SMEs.


Logo type and logo mark


Directional wayfinding


Merchandising collateral


Outdoor campaign


Concept 3 – I wish

Dreamlike concepts that play on hopes of what could be are always useful graphic motives when building a potential brand ID.


Stationery suite


Outdoor campaign


Exterior signage


Promotional material


The ABC approach

When designing essentially without a brief, what I call the ‘pure design’ phase, an intelligent designer should deliver three contrasting concepts. Clearly, it’s the designer job to deliver the client’s requirements, but it’s also their job to push the boundaries. So my tip of the day is, when presenting deliver and push then crescendo on your personal favourite and see which is the eventual favoured route – you’ll be surprised!

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This is but part of a selec­tion of design articles Russell Webb Design gen­er­ated for the creative community out there. If something has peaked your interest, please leave a comment below.

Watch the videoWatch the video here

icanhaveit.com – Site redesign

Taking an existing but tired site, refresh and rebrand it up to modern day standards.

icanhaveit.com - Redesign Complete Site

Logo refresh

With a focus on readability and execution, the logo has be refined and simplified. This is only an online print so RGB was the primary driver.

icanhaveit.com - Redesign Complete Site

Hybrid Betting App for Android

Brief: Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Presented as a prime example of evolution through to revolution, this time critical design refresh delivered a vastly improved user experience. User are able to bet on:

  • Live events
  • Navigate and explore betting odds using the phones functionality
  • Locate events nearby to place bets on.

Discovery Phase

Following an extension review of the current offer, a synopsis of the competition and a round-table review session of the proposed mobile web visual language, I proposed three conceptual directions:

  • Concept One – Expandable menue (Progressive Disclose) Evolution
  • Concept Two – Carousel (Android tab slider)
  • Concept Three – Icons and Grids (3×3) Revolution

Revolution not evolution

Following several rounds, and really diving-deep during the Discovery Phase the decision was made to go for Revolution not Evolution. Yippee!

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Splash Page

Acting as a form of brand reinforcement splash screens both allow the App 4-5 seconds loading time. Although this is not technically necessary as Android can do immediate start, it does provide an opportunity to build loyalty amongst the customer base.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Live Betting / Sports Betting

Whether you are concentrating on Proposition bets i.e wagers or very specific outcome of a match, for example betting whether a player will score in a football game, or Parlays involving multiple bets the UI provides easy sport-type search and Live search, plus continual streaming information via a live ticker feed.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet


Tabbed content is delivered via custom designed iconography. This interface enables the user to save favourites sports type and reference for later.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet


Using the unique ability of the modern day smart phones and it’s GPS is perfectly suited to find and bet on events happening near you.

Refresh an Existing Android Hybrid Betting App for Unibet

Tablet Translation

With a nod to the mobile device the tablet version became a natural extension of that experience.

Tablet Shop Window

The user is guided to the four most relevant and most popular categories. Value adds include seasonal promotions and ‘ticker’ functionality.

Tablet Home

in:play or Live Betting is the most desirable feature for an eager audience. Football, then Horse Racing followed by Tennis lead the popularity stakes, which is presented front-of-house under the understandable title of Sports betting

This is but part of a selec­tion of design information rus­sell­webb­de­sign gen­er­ated for the creative community out there. Please con­tact us fur­ther to dis­cuss if your brand really wants to ben­e­fit from this new immer­sive expe­ri­ence here:

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The perfect cycle hire companion tool

Watch the video See ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

Create the perfect companion tool for the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme

Aims and objectives

  • Launch an application (on Android too) with better functionality and usability than all competitors.
  • Amplify Barclay’s dedication to innovation.
  • Make a positive contribution to London.
  • Promote active lives – and create business benefits from this.
  • Promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Differentiate the app through strong Barclay’s brand presence

From Boris bikes to Barclay’s bikes… ensure users are aware this is the official application and be the greatest Cycle Hire App ever

Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways are new cycle lanes into central London from outer London

  • Improve cycling conditions for people who already commute by bike
  • Encourage those who don’t to take to pedal power and keep fit
  • Help cut congestion
  • Relieve overcrowding on public transport
  • Reduce emissions.

Key ‘Must-Have’ features

  • Launch with iPhone and Android applications
  • Integrate cycle hire and cycle superhighways
  • A focus on enabling cyclists to ‘do and discover’
  • A focus on London as a cycling community
  • Core functionality around location and journeys
  • Additional functionality – a ‘must use’ application

Here are just a selection of Android screens

It was important that the growing Android community felt included as iOS is seen as the dominant player in this market. An entirely different UI was developed that benefited from Androids unique functionality. Widgets were developed and integrated features included to aid the experience.

Cycle Finder

Find the nearest docking station right now

  • Locate me (nearest docking stations)
  • 2D Map view (Google maps)
  • Satellite map view (Google maps)
  • Augmented Reality view
  • List view


Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways (BCS) are cycle routes running from outer London into central London. 

  • They give you safer, faster and more direct journeys into the city.
  • We’ve improved road surfaces and improved junctions for a more comfortable ride, and each Superhighway has a clear, unique identity, with blue surfaces to increase driver awareness.


Watch the videoSee ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

This is but part of a larger proposal russellwebbdesign designed and conceptualised for Barclays Capital. In this case it was a complete App Design, from providing the creative at pitch level to final delivery. To discuss what your brand really wants from mobile, contact us on: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk

Free Pay Pal buttons for UI designers everywhere

PayPal button

An essential part of the UI designers job is to quickly and cleverly visuals client concepts. So, to all my fellow designers out there please feel free to download the vector, resolution-independent ‘PayPal button‘ Adobe Illustrator file package.

Download here

All I ask is you drop a comment if you used the file successfully

You can download the PayPal GUI package here

Download here

All I ask is you drop a comment if you used the file successfully

This is only part of the offer russellwebbdesign generated for my UX/UI designer buddies out there. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here:info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk

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Re-invent in-store and e-commerce experiences

Concept proposal for tablet visibility in-store

Watch Movie - Low versionM&S – In-Store Touch Screens Movie

There is a suite of new tablet computers available with a number of features, prices, and sizes. When it comes to experiential marketing for brick-and-mortar retail businesses, tablet computers offer a streamlined and personalised retail experience unlike any other.

For retail businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the competition through the use of innovative software applications, here are 5 reasons to include tablet devices as part of your digital retail strategy.

1. Tablets Improve Brand Perception.

Using tablets, retailers can provide a connected experience and a multichannel presence with a higher degree of service. Tablets provide a vehicle for customers to dive deeper into your brand while physically present in your retail space.

Table and iPhone welcome screens

2. Experiential Retail Marketing.

Retailers are increasingly using tablets for assisted sales and experiential marketing, including associate-supported sales and self-shopping. Content can include search, product comparison, visualisation, social connections, and links to media about products.

Hero screen and revealed content

3.Handheld Kiosks.

Imagine a shopping experience in which customers locate and select products on touchscreens at an interactive station, download product information on a mobile device, locate items in-store, and then use their tablet to check out. This personalises the shopping experience and eliminates checkout lines.

Interior screen with sections

4.Mobile Pay Stations.

With credit card swipe add-ons, finger signatures on touchscreens, and email or SMS receipts, tablet computers can do anything a traditional cash register can do.

5. Digital media on the store floor.

Retailers have embraced the potential of digital signage – whether it’s used as an interactive menu board, wayfinding tool, or product showcase. Experiential retail marketing has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of digital media on the store floor.

Watch Movie - Low versionM&S – In-Store Touch Screens Movie

Some retailers are pushing digital signage a step further, by creating a retail experience in which customers and retailers better understand each other via data shared on mobile devices and broadcast to strategically located digital signage in the retail store.

All of this is accomplished via interactive digital media and software that integrates mobile phones, tablets, in-store kiosks, and digital signage via cloud computing!

In-situ plasma screens

It will take some dramatic changes in the store experience if a retailer wants to survive. Giving customers a compelling reason to shop and then delivering on an easy, pleasant shopping experience may sound simple, but putting it into practice is another issue.

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This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for differing retail companies. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk
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‘Cap App’ Your team, chosen for you

Double-quick team picking App that selects teams randomly, or fairly, based on your player ratings


Using a simple step process this App works as a companion buddy when choosing a team.

  • Options for a regular 2-sided football match, a baseball game or basketball for instance.
  • Built-in slider controls to select (up to 10) number of teams, ideal for rounders, team building exercises, college house teams or darts tournament, plus it’s ideal for choosing your golf buddies… especially when you use handicaps.
  • Generate the teams and instantly share.
  • Contact the percipients directly via email so they know instantly who their teammate are and more importantly, who has been chosen as captain.

Wireframes – UX Design

Detailed here are the main 7 sections of the App;

  1. Welcome – Get started with this simple ‘Why not try…’ introduction
  2. Generated teams – List view of your team
  3. Add / Edit player – Give your rating, option to upload and other participant details
  4. Player (All) – Your  squad list. Complete list of percipients (your pool of players), easily selectable
  5. Settings – Including a fairness slider (for random or balanced teams) and number of teams selector
  6. Share – Upload or share across all your social networks
  7. Graphic style – Added value UI for football, baseball, and other sports (coming soon)

CaptainApp-Wireframes3-01 CaptainApp-Wireframes3-02 CaptainApp-Wireframes3-04 CaptainApp-Wireframes3-05 CaptainApp-Wireframes3-06



Current trends advocate a neutral flat-colour style, simple non-gradient shadows and bold clean typefaces. This is the brand identity we are trying to achieve. Plus, as this is on your mobile, the content will be filtered to provide only the principle ingredients needed for a superb experience.

cApp_BrandIDAssets-01 cApp_BrandIDAssets-04 cApp_BrandIDAssets-07 cApp_BrandIDAssets-08 cApp_BrandIDAssets-09



1.0 Welcome – Get started with this simple ‘Why not try…’ introduction


2.0 Generated teams – List view of your team


3.0 Add / Edit player – Give your rating, option to upload and other participant details


4.0 Player (All) – Your  squad list. Complete list of percipients (your pool of players)


5.0 Settings – Including a fairness slider (for random or balanced teams) and number of teams selector

<insert design here>

6.0 Share – Upload or share across all your social networks


7.0 Graphic style – Added value UI for football, baseball, and other sports (coming soon)

<insert design here>


Launcher Icon

  • Round
  • Square

Both Round and square: launcherIcon-CappApp

Splash Screens


Splash Screens: splashScreens-iOS-CapApp

Courts and pitches









Source files (in various sizes): Courts and pitches

Kit colours

cAPP-TeamKit-Dark-120px   cAPP-TeamKit-Light-120px

Source files (in various sizes): KitColours

Add Player Icon


Source files (in various sizes): AddPlayerIcon

Other Tags

Team Maker, Team Builder, Team Chooser, Team Selector

Languages: Localised for English, French, Italian, Polish and Serbian

Short link: http://wp.me/s1E7qI-capp

Android for Beginners


Welcome to Android

Top down user experience

My client, a UK company  required a quick-start introduction to the world of Android. This involved, purely from a top-level, a walk through for senior executives to understand the driving principles of Android mobile from a a top-down user experience perspective.

Download the full deck on request

Welcome to Android - What is Android

Welcome to Android - An Open Operating System

Welcome to Android - An Open Operating System

Welcome to Android - 70000 App and Counting

Welcome to Android - 70000_App and Counting

Welcome to Android - How

Welcome to Android - How

Welcome to Android - Widget_Functionality

Welcome to Android - Widget_Functionality

Welcome to Android - Browser and Flash

Welcome to Android - Browser and Flash

Welcome to Android - Thanks

Welcome to Android - Thanks

Oakgrove Milliennium Community Bid Proposal


Gardner Stewart Architects


  • Design a brand marque encompassing all the technical, sustainable and innovative aspects of Oakgrove Millennium Community
  • £500M brownfield site covering 74 acre
  • 1,300 new homes (30% affordable housing)
  • IT-enabled (linking homes, shops and schools)

The Oakgrove area is a 30 hectare (74 acre) brownfield site, owned by Milton Keynes Partnership, on the eastern side of Milton Keynes. Description The site is envisaged to accommodate 1,100 new homes (of which 30% will be affordable), a neighbourhood centre, and open spaces. Development Stage An outline planning application has been approved by Milton Keynes Council. Start Date Construction is expected to start Summer 2011. Completion Date The development of Oakgrove is envisaged to be complete by 2019. Developer Homes will be built by Crest Nicholson.


The document amplifies the key principles, in a magazine-led manner, for the development of the site from an architectural perspective. It was adopted as principle driver that eventually won the £500m contract over 11 years.

The Oakgrove Millennium Community includes all of the Oakgrove and part of the Middleton grid squares. The site is allocated for housing, recreation, community and commercial facilities in the emerging Milton Keynes Local Plan.

Oakgrove is one of seven Millennium Communities being promoted by ODPM and English Partnerships as national exemplars for sustainable development. Each Millennium Community has to achieve particularly high environmental standards, whilst having its own unique identity. Oakgrove’s is based on making the most of high specification Information Communication Technology.

The draft Framework was subject to extensive consultation and the adopted version was amended where appropriate as a result of comments received.












Open Day Architecture Poster


Gardner Stewart Architects


A3 / A4 portrait / landscape promotional poster for GSA open day

When considering hierarchy, an effective poster should be …

  • Aesthetic – It should get attention so the message is delivered.
  • Focused – It should focus on a single message.
  • Ordered – The sequence should be well-ordered and obvious.

The flow of information should be clear from the layout and keep the word count as low as possible.


As Open Day’s approach architecture practices like to gather interest at the best institution by advertising their skill set though Open Day posters. This is a great opportunity to show potential Part 3 graduates why they should consider one practice over another and to ask questions directly.


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