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Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo (ideogram), is the image embodying an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies’ brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos.

Brand logo design in 5 steps

1. Lets get started with… R&D

I have recently been involved in a branding exercise for a company that has over over 20 years experience in consultancy, project management and business analysis. This isn’t a new sphere of business, there is plenty of competition out there so a stand out logo marque that was…

  • Flexible
  • Unique
  • Impactful

… was essential. So I presented a limited selection of ideas as I feel, after a certain amount of years, I’m qualified not to waste the client’s time presenting numerous options. This is a concept shared by the likes of David Airey on his site


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10 considerations when designing for mobile

This is the first 10 steps to take your mobile design skills to the next level

 Watch the animated version here

10 Considerations For Mobile DesignWhen designing for the desktop you can consider the end-user environment, when designing for print you can picture where the magazine will be read but when design for mobile the end-user scenarios are so varied and so far ranging that todays savvy mobile designer needs to develop an entirely different skill set.

Mobile Meet Up - Glassblowers in London's SohoThis is the edited version of a presentation I gave at Mobile Meet Up on Tues 27th Sept about ‘10 key considerations when designing for mobile.  I must stress this doesn’t mean there are only 10, in fact it’s the opposite, there are many more considerations. But here are my top 10:

1. Real Estate

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

Whether you coming from a desktop background or from advertising the canvas size you have to pay with is drastically reduced on the mobile environment.

Over the years the relative screen size difference has increased. The difference between the smallest (128 x 128) and the largest (800 x 480) is now a factor of 23. That means the largest screen is 23 times bigger than the smallest one.

2. Design with distraction front-of-mind

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

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Branding an iPad Casino App

1.0 Aims and Objectives

To produce the best-in-class iPad and iPhone App for playing slots and table games.

Recently I was involved in conceptualise and leading the UI for a iOS casino App for both iPhone and iPad.  I’m not going to detail all design decisions here but walk you through my perspective on why branding for this product is so important and why the decisions made differentiate it enough to stand-out in what is already a fiercely competitive and crowded marketplace.

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Consumer experiences – How mobile payment #could# change your life

“A day in the life”

A day in the life for a modern consumer living their life through advanced mobile functionality experiences.

How brand identity works

Integrated brand identify both help reputation and consumer awareness. I was tasked with conceptualising a strong brand identity for a new Russian hedge fund. This involves developing routes that generated the tone, style and flavor of the brand across a 2D and 3D environment. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • color
  • type
  • photography/imagery
  • logos
  • design grid
  • Signage

Here is how I did it;

Concept 1 – New Dawn – A new today

Aspirational. That’s all it is. Clients are looking to dream, and at a product discovery level this is your job, as a creative to deliver that dream.  So, here I delivered a fresh concept concentrating on the business concept of a new start, symbolising both the birth of a new identity and the potential fresh satrt of new ‘start-up’ customers.


Logo type and logo mark


Outdoor campaign


Merchandising collateral


Stationery suite


Concept 2 – Money is here

Employing a mechanism that symbolised the collective is a popular brand identity technique. Both companies and individuals want to be re-assured that they either have there team of their financial institution backing them. The clever designer should also include a graphic device that also contrasts this, as unique-mess and individualism is also important to both large businesses and SMEs.


Logo type and logo mark


Directional wayfinding


Merchandising collateral


Outdoor campaign


Concept 3 – I wish

Dreamlike concepts that play on hopes of what could be are always useful graphic motives when building a potential brand ID.


Stationery suite


Outdoor campaign


Exterior signage


Promotional material


The ABC approach

When designing essentially without a brief, what I call the ‘pure design’ phase, an intelligent designer should deliver three contrasting concepts. Clearly, it’s the designer job to deliver the client’s requirements, but it’s also their job to push the boundaries. So my tip of the day is, when presenting deliver and push then crescendo on your personal favourite and see which is the eventual favoured route – you’ll be surprised!

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Watch the videoWatch the video here – Site redesign

Taking an existing but tired site, refresh and rebrand it up to modern day standards. - Redesign Complete Site

Logo refresh

With a focus on readability and execution, the logo has be refined and simplified. This is only an online print so RGB was the primary driver. - Redesign Complete Site

Protected: – Site Evolution to Revolution

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2012 Calendar: Mobile Design Tips

2012 Mobile Design Tips Calendar


Start here

This is the first 12 steps to take your mobile design skills to the next level

Packed with Design Tips

This years edition is crammed full of the most inspirational and can do mobile design tips. Whether it be common sense or insider knowledge, this calendar is sure to inspire and teach you each and every day for the year in front of you.


  • Planner Size Closed 210mm x 297mm
  • Full colour with Georgia, Handwriting Dakota and Gotham typeface
  • Available in in limited edition print of PDF download
In fact, it’s all of these things

2012 Mobile Design Tips

Mobile design is what YOU make it

The future of mobile design is what you make it. It can said it’s made up of more than 12 things. In fact, it’s all of these things so please get back to me with your Top 12 for mobile design.


This is but part of a selection of design resources russellwebbdesign generated for the mobile space out there. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here:

Pay With Your Phone #1 – Pays by NFC

Mobile Wallet Payment Experiences…#1

YouTube ChannelYou can watch the animated version here

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 1

Jane gets up and travels to work by bus. Pays with NFC.

When your Android phone suddenly tells you that you get a 50% discount on travel with this bus company, Groupon just starts looking a bit frivolous. But what exactly is this experience and how can it work?

Jane uses the bus to get to work.

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 2

On the bus Jane uses her mobile wallet to pay for her ticket against a NFC terminal

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 3

On payment she receives a “payment confirmation” message

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 4

Mobile payment is much better

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 5

This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for credit card payment concept ideas. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here:

Pay With Your Phone#1 - Pays by NFC 6


You can preview the mini-presentation here or via our You Tube Channel here

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