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How user personas can help crystallise the early stage design process

B2B UX Case Study – Automotive Dealer Portal

I was recently asked to provide insight for a dealer portal for a very large automotive client. There was a definite opportunity in their market to improve their internal front end offering – but very early on it was clear there was a lack of understanding of who their audience was. How their needs and wants differed and what, as customers, they were looking for.

So, before deep-diving in the UX,  I produced a selection of personas to focus down the teams expectations and unite the groups thinking. I’m taking for granted that we are all aware that personas represent a typical user, based on user research and incorporate user goals, needs, and interests. Here I created four (4) personas, Hilary, Gary, Donald and Bernie;

1.1 – Hillary, a Competitive Owner / Consider

“My co-worker has had a great experience with <insert auto company>, but I want to be sure that other’s like me are equally happy.”

“My co-worker has had a great experience with , but I want to be sure that other’s like me are equally happy.”

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Quick Bet – Wireframing the experience

The best feeling ever

You know that one, you’ve got an instinct, but you need to place the bet quickly. This is where “Quick bet” become must-have functionality.

When speed is of the essence

So, you’re out n’about and you’ve just seen the race preview, your favourite horse is next off in two minutes, what to do? Simple, open your small screen, make a selection and the Quick bet section opens.

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Destop User Registration Process

Ask the right questions

There are key considerations when it comes to asking strangers for their personal details. You have to ask the right way – to make each question relevant and necessary.


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8 reasons why you should use sidebar as navigation

Why is this new style of popular navigation winning hands down againstold-fashioned navigation methods? Well, here's my take on why, in eight easy sound bites.


Users are familiar with desktop left navigation patterns

This is difficult to implement with such small real estate. Sidebar solves and provides for with this problem.



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Protected: UX – Sports trading as an asset class for a financial company

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10 considerations when designing for mobile

This is the first 10 steps to take your mobile design skills to the next level

 Watch the animated version here

10 Considerations For Mobile DesignWhen designing for the desktop you can consider the end-user environment, when designing for print you can picture where the magazine will be read but when design for mobile the end-user scenarios are so varied and so far ranging that todays savvy mobile designer needs to develop an entirely different skill set.

Mobile Meet Up - Glassblowers in London's SohoThis is the edited version of a presentation I gave at Mobile Meet Up on Tues 27th Sept about ‘10 key considerations when designing for mobile.  I must stress this doesn’t mean there are only 10, in fact it’s the opposite, there are many more considerations. But here are my top 10:

1. Real Estate

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

Whether you coming from a desktop background or from advertising the canvas size you have to pay with is drastically reduced on the mobile environment.

Over the years the relative screen size difference has increased. The difference between the smallest (128 x 128) and the largest (800 x 480) is now a factor of 23. That means the largest screen is 23 times bigger than the smallest one.

2. Design with distraction front-of-mind

10 key considerations when designing for mobile

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Our vision for Shopping on Mobile Web



El Corte Inglés S.A. (English: The English Cut as in tailor’s cut), headquartered in Madrid, is the biggest department store group in Europe and ranks 4 worldwide. El Corte Inglés is Spain’s only remaining department store chain, as well as owner of several associated businesses, such as supermarket chains Hipercor, Supercor & Opencor, fashion chain Sfera as well as a travel agency (Viajes El Corte Ingles) and telephone provider (Telecor).


Incorporating a nav search, a store finder with the traditional basket top right design a media rich experience for shopping on  your phone. By captivating a customer and therefore increasing spend, design a system of sub navigation that is convincing and compelling. Drilling deeper into the experience,  screens can display products with the the added mobile features of sort and zoom.  Product Info and descriptions, including ‘Add to Basket’ and ‘Wish List’ functionality plus the ability to share your purchase are all important consideration.


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