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Branding an iPad Casino App

1.0 Aims and Objectives

To produce the best-in-class iPad and iPhone App for playing slots and table games.

Recently I was involved in conceptualise and leading the UI for a iOS casino App for both iPhone and iPad.  I’m not going to detail all design decisions here but walk you through my perspective on why branding for this product is so important and why the decisions made differentiate it enough to stand-out in what is already a fiercely competitive and crowded marketplace.

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iOS Casino App for the iphone – UX Design


Next to essentials like food and water, one of the only other industries not effected by the world financial situation is gambling. In fact the industry is booming. There are many UX challenges in designing the perfect game play experience, catering for the green fingered punter all the way through to the seasoned veteran is a difficult balancing act.
Plus, as mentioned, in these more straighten times, to be conscious of not forcing the gambling experience on to the more vulnerable.

Splash screen

Modern smartphone don’t need 2-3 seconds to start up, so the original notion of the start-up or splash screen is now redundant. But brands love to position their logo ‘front of stall’ so for this reason, this screen is important. Keep it simple and remember, if you can’t get your brand message over in 2-3 seconds, think about a re-design.


This is the heart of the application, the place to show off what you have to offer – the ‘showcase‘ if you like. So make it impressive, make it big and try your best to impress.
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How brand identity works

Integrated brand identify both help reputation and consumer awareness. I was tasked with conceptualising a strong brand identity for a new Russian hedge fund. This involves developing routes that generated the tone, style and flavor of the brand across a 2D and 3D environment. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • color
  • type
  • photography/imagery
  • logos
  • design grid
  • Signage

Here is how I did it;

Concept 1 – New Dawn – A new today

Aspirational. That’s all it is. Clients are looking to dream, and at a product discovery level this is your job, as a creative to deliver that dream.  So, here I delivered a fresh concept concentrating on the business concept of a new start, symbolising both the birth of a new identity and the potential fresh satrt of new ‘start-up’ customers.


Logo type and logo mark


Outdoor campaign


Merchandising collateral


Stationery suite


Concept 2 – Money is here

Employing a mechanism that symbolised the collective is a popular brand identity technique. Both companies and individuals want to be re-assured that they either have there team of their financial institution backing them. The clever designer should also include a graphic device that also contrasts this, as unique-mess and individualism is also important to both large businesses and SMEs.


Logo type and logo mark


Directional wayfinding


Merchandising collateral


Outdoor campaign


Concept 3 – I wish

Dreamlike concepts that play on hopes of what could be are always useful graphic motives when building a potential brand ID.


Stationery suite


Outdoor campaign


Exterior signage


Promotional material


The ABC approach

When designing essentially without a brief, what I call the ‘pure design’ phase, an intelligent designer should deliver three contrasting concepts. Clearly, it’s the designer job to deliver the client’s requirements, but it’s also their job to push the boundaries. So my tip of the day is, when presenting deliver and push then crescendo on your personal favourite and see which is the eventual favoured route – you’ll be surprised!

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This is but part of a selec­tion of design articles Russell Webb Design gen­er­ated for the creative community out there. If something has peaked your interest, please leave a comment below.

Watch the videoWatch the video here

icanhaveit.com – Site redesign

Taking an existing but tired site, refresh and rebrand it up to modern day standards.

icanhaveit.com - Redesign Complete Site

Logo refresh

With a focus on readability and execution, the logo has be refined and simplified. This is only an online print so RGB was the primary driver.

icanhaveit.com - Redesign Complete Site

Marketing your App through the channels

How to marketing a brand new digital product

This is the challenging part of any marketing brief. You can target your Digital Tribes, whether they be Early Adopters or true Laggards, one sure-fire way is through traditional streams. Using traditional media is a concrete method of new product promotion and should not ignored. Remember: Print is NOT dead.

Building scenarios

Building scenarios

An effective method fo marketing a product to place a customer into the shoes of a typical user.

"I've got a secret but I can't tell anyone"

This opening statement defines a need state for this privacy service. Then you explain the scenario and how the product can benefit that customer. If you can translate this into an attractive case-study, then you have a winner.

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The perfect cycle hire companion tool

Watch the video See ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

Create the perfect companion tool for the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme

Aims and objectives

  • Launch an application (on Android too) with better functionality and usability than all competitors.
  • Amplify Barclay’s dedication to innovation.
  • Make a positive contribution to London.
  • Promote active lives – and create business benefits from this.
  • Promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Differentiate the app through strong Barclay’s brand presence

From Boris bikes to Barclay’s bikes… ensure users are aware this is the official application and be the greatest Cycle Hire App ever

Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways are new cycle lanes into central London from outer London

  • Improve cycling conditions for people who already commute by bike
  • Encourage those who don’t to take to pedal power and keep fit
  • Help cut congestion
  • Relieve overcrowding on public transport
  • Reduce emissions.

Key ‘Must-Have’ features

  • Launch with iPhone and Android applications
  • Integrate cycle hire and cycle superhighways
  • A focus on enabling cyclists to ‘do and discover’
  • A focus on London as a cycling community
  • Core functionality around location and journeys
  • Additional functionality – a ‘must use’ application

Here are just a selection of Android screens

It was important that the growing Android community felt included as iOS is seen as the dominant player in this market. An entirely different UI was developed that benefited from Androids unique functionality. Widgets were developed and integrated features included to aid the experience.

Cycle Finder

Find the nearest docking station right now

  • Locate me (nearest docking stations)
  • 2D Map view (Google maps)
  • Satellite map view (Google maps)
  • Augmented Reality view
  • List view


Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways (BCS) are cycle routes running from outer London into central London. 

  • They give you safer, faster and more direct journeys into the city.
  • We’ve improved road surfaces and improved junctions for a more comfortable ride, and each Superhighway has a clear, unique identity, with blue surfaces to increase driver awareness.


Watch the videoSee ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

This is but part of a larger proposal russellwebbdesign designed and conceptualised for Barclays Capital. In this case it was a complete App Design, from providing the creative at pitch level to final delivery. To discuss what your brand really wants from mobile, contact us on: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk

Pay With Your Phone #6 – Fashion Retail

Mobile Wallet Payment Experiences…#6

This is an edited presentation of the principles behind the concept ‘Pay with your Phone.’ Of all the mobile future touch-points the (now) more realistic possibility of a mobile wallet, NFC and simplistic mobile commerce perhaps has the most exiting potential. This post concentrates on the user journey ‘Buying clothes from high street retailers’

Pay with your Phone #6You can watch the animated version here

Buying clothes from high street retailers

Integrating mobile into a comprehensive cross-channel strategy ensures that you are meeting your customers where and how they shop for your products.

Jane is shopping on her phone on her journey home

Using any mobile m-commerce version of a high street retailer signed up to the mobile transaction Jane is able to browse, search and select her favourite clothes item

Pay With Your Phone#6 - Fashion Retail 3

She adds a few items to her shopping cart and checks out

Adding her favourite items to the mobile webs version of any high street retailer the route to purchase could not simpler

The mobile site auto-connects to Jane’s mobile wallet and verifies available credit

Using the systems integrated approach high street shopping, a fluid and pain free route to purchase is enabled

No card details need to be entered and the delivery address is stored in the phone

The mobile wallets functionality pre-stores the delivery address to enable fluid transaction

The money is debited and the goods are shipped

Back-end integration aids the purchaser through the intricacies of mobile commerce

Jane receives her package after a few days

Following traditional transaction process the purchase is delivered to Jane’s door

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This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for credit card payment concept ideas. Here only the first three experiences have been made available. Should your company wish to find out more about this emerging new technology; please get in touch

Pay With Your Phone#6 - Fashion Retail 8

Pay with your Phone #6You can watch the animated version here

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