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UK Household Retail Co – iPhone and Mobile Web Concepts


In spite of its rapid growth, The White Company retains a firm grasp of its core values, identity and philosophy. It is consistently committed to supplying impeccably designed products that are of the finest quality and at outstanding value for money. In addition, levels of service (across every channel) are constantly monitored to provide a shopping experience that is second to none.

This insight was taken to the next level with a series of inspirational iPhone App screen and Mobile Web visuals that formed part of a presentation on what these new channels can do you this business.

* Please note

These screens are just an indication of what we could do for you. Moving forward and after full scope many other options are available.

˜Intro pages


Mobile Web


˜Main Menu


This is just a preview of how the shopping experience on mobile will change the consumer buying habits. Please contact us for further information. info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk

Consumer experiences – How mobile payment #could# change your life

“A day in the life”

A day in the life for a modern consumer living their life through advanced mobile functionality experiences.

Mobile best practice for registration – Put the users needs before technology

User Registration on Mobile

Watch the videoWatch the animated version here

I have recently been involved in both high-level concept generation through to territory specific text changes in the exiting world of User Registration. These are my top 5 tips to help you streamline your process or find some inspiration.

1. Do not turn-off your client

Very early on you begin to realise that you, as a UX designer answering to Business and shakeholders alike, should avoid providing a dry and labour-intensive solution to what is a tedious process. This will inevitable put off, or turn off, potential new customers from the start. So, as they walk through your virtual door, try to present a broken-down and achievable process where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t forget : Break your offer into bite-sized chunks

Regulations possibly dictate that your customers will need to supply certain information. If so, have them supply that information up-front. That way you, as a caring and customer-centric company can temporally capture that info and call them back should they drop-off. Then you can ask ‘Is everything allright? Can we help you further with your registration?”

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The perfect cycle hire companion tool

Watch the video See ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

Create the perfect companion tool for the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme

Aims and objectives

  • Launch an application (on Android too) with better functionality and usability than all competitors.
  • Amplify Barclay’s dedication to innovation.
  • Make a positive contribution to London.
  • Promote active lives – and create business benefits from this.
  • Promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Differentiate the app through strong Barclay’s brand presence

From Boris bikes to Barclay’s bikes… ensure users are aware this is the official application and be the greatest Cycle Hire App ever

Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways are new cycle lanes into central London from outer London

  • Improve cycling conditions for people who already commute by bike
  • Encourage those who don’t to take to pedal power and keep fit
  • Help cut congestion
  • Relieve overcrowding on public transport
  • Reduce emissions.

Key ‘Must-Have’ features

  • Launch with iPhone and Android applications
  • Integrate cycle hire and cycle superhighways
  • A focus on enabling cyclists to ‘do and discover’
  • A focus on London as a cycling community
  • Core functionality around location and journeys
  • Additional functionality – a ‘must use’ application

Here are just a selection of Android screens

It was important that the growing Android community felt included as iOS is seen as the dominant player in this market. An entirely different UI was developed that benefited from Androids unique functionality. Widgets were developed and integrated features included to aid the experience.

Cycle Finder

Find the nearest docking station right now

  • Locate me (nearest docking stations)
  • 2D Map view (Google maps)
  • Satellite map view (Google maps)
  • Augmented Reality view
  • List view


Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways (BCS) are cycle routes running from outer London into central London. 

  • They give you safer, faster and more direct journeys into the city.
  • We’ve improved road surfaces and improved junctions for a more comfortable ride, and each Superhighway has a clear, unique identity, with blue surfaces to increase driver awareness.


Watch the videoSee ‘Barclays Bikes Android and iPhone App’ Video here

This is but part of a larger proposal russellwebbdesign designed and conceptualised for Barclays Capital. In this case it was a complete App Design, from providing the creative at pitch level to final delivery. To discuss what your brand really wants from mobile, contact us on: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk

Re-invent in-store and e-commerce experiences

Concept proposal for tablet visibility in-store

Watch Movie - Low versionM&S – In-Store Touch Screens Movie

There is a suite of new tablet computers available with a number of features, prices, and sizes. When it comes to experiential marketing for brick-and-mortar retail businesses, tablet computers offer a streamlined and personalised retail experience unlike any other.

For retail businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the competition through the use of innovative software applications, here are 5 reasons to include tablet devices as part of your digital retail strategy.

1. Tablets Improve Brand Perception.

Using tablets, retailers can provide a connected experience and a multichannel presence with a higher degree of service. Tablets provide a vehicle for customers to dive deeper into your brand while physically present in your retail space.

Table and iPhone welcome screens

2. Experiential Retail Marketing.

Retailers are increasingly using tablets for assisted sales and experiential marketing, including associate-supported sales and self-shopping. Content can include search, product comparison, visualisation, social connections, and links to media about products.

Hero screen and revealed content

3.Handheld Kiosks.

Imagine a shopping experience in which customers locate and select products on touchscreens at an interactive station, download product information on a mobile device, locate items in-store, and then use their tablet to check out. This personalises the shopping experience and eliminates checkout lines.

Interior screen with sections

4.Mobile Pay Stations.

With credit card swipe add-ons, finger signatures on touchscreens, and email or SMS receipts, tablet computers can do anything a traditional cash register can do.

5. Digital media on the store floor.

Retailers have embraced the potential of digital signage – whether it’s used as an interactive menu board, wayfinding tool, or product showcase. Experiential retail marketing has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of digital media on the store floor.

Watch Movie - Low versionM&S – In-Store Touch Screens Movie

Some retailers are pushing digital signage a step further, by creating a retail experience in which customers and retailers better understand each other via data shared on mobile devices and broadcast to strategically located digital signage in the retail store.

All of this is accomplished via interactive digital media and software that integrates mobile phones, tablets, in-store kiosks, and digital signage via cloud computing!

In-situ plasma screens

It will take some dramatic changes in the store experience if a retailer wants to survive. Giving customers a compelling reason to shop and then delivering on an easy, pleasant shopping experience may sound simple, but putting it into practice is another issue.

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This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for differing retail companies. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk
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Protected: High Street Loan Provider – NFC Conceptual Posters

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Alternative-group.com eCommerce Site


Build a brand around an existing IT supply company based in Paris. Redefine the logo and develop an e-commerce online experience from concept to implementation.


Alternative Group – Business Cards

Alternative Group – Business Cards


Alternative Group - HomePage

Alternative Group - HomePage

Alternative Group – Product family

Alternative Group – Product family

Alternative Group – Product Detail

Alternative Group – Product Detail


Solpadeine in-store activation


Provide innovative POP material for the pharmacy sector, increasing brand awareness, targeting consumers and pharmacy assistants for planned and unplanned journeys.

Five environment touch-points:

1.Window    2.In-store    3.Behind the counter    4.Counter top    5.On-shelf

Driving Awareness within the Independent Pharmacy

The aim is to provide innovative point of purchase materials for the pharmacy sector, increasing brand awareness of Solpadeine Plus, targeting consumers and Pharmacy Assistants (PAs). The POS campaign will bring to life the new Solpadeine ATL campaign in store to maximize recognition and engagement with the new Solpadeine creative. Create a variety of materials which can be used in different size stores.


Pharmacy Assistants

In aisle / cross category

In aisle / cross category



Protected: Brand ID Process

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“Big Box” Financial Retail Branding


Following a proven concept of retail marketing and how it can be adapted to retail banking, Banco took existing high street strategy and illustrated how it could work for ‘big box’ retailing.

What is “big box” retail?

The phrase “big box” has become the value neutral term describing this category of retail store. Other names include “superstores,” and “large format stores”. Typical characteristics include the following:

  • Retail stores selling a variety of goods and services, usually including clothing, consumer goods, and groceries
  • High-volume, high-efficiency business model that emphasises low prices on everyday consumer needs
  • Buildings of at least 50,000 square feet, ranging up to more than 200,000 square feet.
  • Mostly windowless, roughly rectangular, usually single-story buildings
  • Standardised formats used by most or all stores in the chain
  • Large, free, usually outdoor parking lots

Banco - Financial Hypermarket Of The Future

Banco - Financial Hypermarket Of The Future


Emerging economies and countries with the space have jumped on this concept. Positive include , free parking, lower prices and jobs for people who work in the stores.

Banco - Financial Hypermarket Of The Future

Banco - Financial Hypermarket Of The Future

Banco - Financial Hypermarket Of The Future

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This is but part of a selection of consumer experiences russellwebbdesign generated for differing retail companies. Please contact us further to discuss if your brand really wants to benefit from this new immersive experience here: info@russellwebbdesign.co.uk
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