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5 Key points when designing for Direct Mail (DM)

What is Direct Mail (DM)


Direct marketing

For many businesses, Direct Mail (DM) is by far the most cost-effective form of marketing. It allows you to target customers with greater accuracy than any other method.

1. Target your design efforts

Products and services directly to the end-user

Products and services directly to the end-user

Careful preparation to get the response rates you want is the way forward. These design have been specifically designed to hit those key demographics that statistically afford you the return thats worth it.

2. Appeal to your target market

Highly effective in both business and consumer markets

Highly effective in both business and consumer markets

DM is about hitting the right note, if you have a demographic that is heavily involved on the urban design and town p;anning make sure you create a series of compelling imagery around that subject matter. Here Architecture has been targeted, make sure your DM piece is effectively targeted too.

3. “Feel” DM as part of an integrated promotional strategy


Feel DM piece - 25,000 print run

Try a little variety with folded postcards and win your business more sales in the process. This is really how to crate a point of difference, a definite plus point in this tough market.

4. Feel DM for image library Corbis


Simple configuration of the fold provide that extra design resource

5. Make an impact with a strong headline and bold imagery.

Like reading a newspaper, the headline is the first thing people see before deciding to read the entire article or direct mail piece.

Once a designer understands the best practices of direct mail design, they have the opportunity to adjust elements and test what works best for their audience. Split the mailing list in half and always test something; one thing at a time (i.e. – headline only, offer only, positioning of images, etc). Be sure to have a strategy in place to measure responses.

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Oakgrove Milliennium Community Bid Proposal


Gardner Stewart Architects


  • Design a brand marque encompassing all the technical, sustainable and innovative aspects of Oakgrove Millennium Community
  • £500M brownfield site covering 74 acre
  • 1,300 new homes (30% affordable housing)
  • IT-enabled (linking homes, shops and schools)

The Oakgrove area is a 30 hectare (74 acre) brownfield site, owned by Milton Keynes Partnership, on the eastern side of Milton Keynes. Description The site is envisaged to accommodate 1,100 new homes (of which 30% will be affordable), a neighbourhood centre, and open spaces. Development Stage An outline planning application has been approved by Milton Keynes Council. Start Date Construction is expected to start Summer 2011. Completion Date The development of Oakgrove is envisaged to be complete by 2019. Developer Homes will be built by Crest Nicholson.


The document amplifies the key principles, in a magazine-led manner, for the development of the site from an architectural perspective. It was adopted as principle driver that eventually won the £500m contract over 11 years.

The Oakgrove Millennium Community includes all of the Oakgrove and part of the Middleton grid squares. The site is allocated for housing, recreation, community and commercial facilities in the emerging Milton Keynes Local Plan.

Oakgrove is one of seven Millennium Communities being promoted by ODPM and English Partnerships as national exemplars for sustainable development. Each Millennium Community has to achieve particularly high environmental standards, whilst having its own unique identity. Oakgrove’s is based on making the most of high specification Information Communication Technology.

The draft Framework was subject to extensive consultation and the adopted version was amended where appropriate as a result of comments received.












Urban Design Proposal – Tower Hamlets County Council


  • cover – 250 gsm Challenger offset
  • inside pages – neusiedler 100 gsm
  • 10mm No 7 SILVER wire bind
  • full CMYK throughout
  • 20 run

“Area Action Framework for the City Fringe, Isle of Dogs and Leaside”ZBT-Tower-Hamlets-Tender-Doc-1 Continue reading

SMART|WP Guide to Website Planning


As a new start-up, SMART|WP have discovered a huge knowledge gulf that exits between SMEs and website developers.
As the central part of their offer the ‘SMART Guide to Website Planning’ was produced; this 150 page step-by-step guide is a template-driven, plain English electronic book consisting of ten chapters, with introductory starter pages, key point highlighted and a bespoke contents layout.

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Websire Planning

SMART|WP Smart Guide to Website Planning

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Contents Page

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Contents Page

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Separation Page

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Separation Page

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Typical Page

SMARTWP Smart Guide to Website Planning - Typical Page

Influence Catalogue

3,185 Images // 45 CDs // 528 Pages // 158x158mm

A collection of life moments images interwoven with various observations relating to some interesting influences and influencers from around the world

Continue reading

“Difference” Photography Magazine

Client: image100 / Corbis


Deliver a brand and sales orientated message across all channels and focusing specifically on the product. This solution must be cost effective and clearly drive home the brand proposition. As a two-tired approach the message should be delivered via traditional media with bandwidth to occupy new media.

Continue reading

Disney “DVD on TV” brand identity

Disney DVD on TV

Disney Sub Brand

BRIEF: Develop a sub-brand at retail level for TV on DVD including logo, holding device and POS material

POS and logo image for Disney "DVD on TV"

Brand mark collateral for Disney “DVD on TV”

Disney "DVD on TV" retail tool kit

Disney “DVD on TV” retail tool kit

Conceptualising Service Design for a financial flagship powerhouse


Segmentation has long been regarded as the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy and acts as a substantive source of differentiation and competitive advantage.

This Erste Bank in-store design branding strategy, where most of their products and services are promoted under the parent brand name HAS to be matched by a modern and contemporary in-store graphic system as the introduction of on-line banking increases degree of competition that they face.

  • Using retail as a benchmark the brief was to redesign the flagship central Vienna branch and role out a ‘Kit of Parts’ for the remaining 120 branches.

Welcome wall  concepts

Erste bank brand wall

Scalable 2D graphics

Erste Bank - Design development

Options of texture walls

Erste bank – Corporate Communication

ABC messaging system

Erste bank - The Brand Roadmap

Lobby graphic system

Erste bank - The lobby interior

Welcome wall  concepts

Erste bank - final persepctive

Important as the in0satire graphics are it evident that this must be part of wider strategy, this should include;

  • Using Customer Analytics to Drive Contextual Experiences
  • Digital Delivery as a No 1 priority
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Digital and Social Selling
  • Mobile Payments
  • Security and Authentication
  • Enhanced Customer Incentivisation
  • Investment in Innovation

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