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Identity Design is the visual means by which organisations, businesses, and manufacturers are recognized and distinguished from each other.

Design an upselling mechanic for wedding cakes

I was recently asked by a  prominent UK-based high street retailer to conceptualise and design an App based upselling mechanic for wedding cakes, looking for an effective solution to drive sales to a more premium product.

My Initial Thoughts:

Thought process and working methodology

Design an App-based upsell mechanic for wedding cakes - e-commerce product retail sales UX UI

Design an App-based upsell mechanic for wedding cakes – e-commerce product retail sales UX UI

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Brand logo design in 5 steps

1. Lets get started with… R&D

I have recently been involved in a branding exercise for a company that has over over 20 years experience in consultancy, project management and business analysis. This isn’t a new sphere of business, there is plenty of competition out there so a stand out logo marque that was…

  • Flexible
  • Unique
  • Impactful

… was essential. So I presented a limited selection of ideas as I feel, after a certain amount of years, I’m qualified not to waste the client’s time presenting numerous options. This is a concept shared by the likes of David Airey on his site


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Branding an iPad Casino App

1.0 Aims and Objectives

To produce the best-in-class iPad and iPhone App for playing slots and table games.

Recently I was involved in conceptualise and leading the UI for a iOS casino App for both iPhone and iPad.  I’m not going to detail all design decisions here but walk you through my perspective on why branding for this product is so important and why the decisions made differentiate it enough to stand-out in what is already a fiercely competitive and crowded marketplace.

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Design habits – Tip your hat to your design heroes

As a junior designer, way back when, I visited our local design museum (I studied in London, UK, so my local design museum was fortunately the rather impressive Design Museum in Shad Thames) and fantasied over how great it would of been to be involved in, say, designing a Charles and Ray Eames leather recliner, or Dysons Cyclone Vacuum cleaner.

Now I’m doing stuff I feel proud off, in the field of UX/UI, I thought it worthwhile to see if I could mirror the process these great designers took and document it from a UXers perspective. So, here we go. I started with the following criteria:

  • Give users choice.
  • Competition Analysis
  • Design with familiarity in mind
  • Prioritise features that add value – the “Magic Moment”
  • Beautiful execution
  • Todays’ Brave New World

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UK Household Retail Co – iPhone and Mobile Web Concepts


In spite of its rapid growth, The White Company retains a firm grasp of its core values, identity and philosophy. It is consistently committed to supplying impeccably designed products that are of the finest quality and at outstanding value for money. In addition, levels of service (across every channel) are constantly monitored to provide a shopping experience that is second to none.

This insight was taken to the next level with a series of inspirational iPhone App screen and Mobile Web visuals that formed part of a presentation on what these new channels can do you this business.

* Please note

These screens are just an indication of what we could do for you. Moving forward and after full scope many other options are available.

˜Intro pages


Mobile Web


˜Main Menu


This is just a preview of how the shopping experience on mobile will change the consumer buying habits. Please contact us for further information.

Best practice for your on-boarding experience

Getting new sign-ups is arguable the ultimate challenge, but the process of helping people get started, called on-boarding, can prevent many users from feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused. It’s your responsibility, as a professional UXer, to shake their hand and show them the ropes and take them on that ‘first date’.

Drilling-down on the detail of the betting coupon - on-boarding

Drilling-down on the detail of the betting coupon – on-boarding

The Do’s and Don’ts

Downloading and jumping straight into an experience you’ve just heard about is one of the most exciting parts of UX design. So, when formulating this, be conscious not build further barriers as part of the on-boarding. The ‘Skip’ or ‘Tell me later’ and continuous Swipe is an important tool.


Slide-in illustration of how to access your betslip

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Adult Dating Brand – Can you choose the right look n’ feel?

Watch the video Watch the video here

Low Key Dating

Brief: Tale an existing site, still young and yet to launch fully, and refresh the look n’ feel with new brand mark and ‘sexy and sassy’ imagery.


What should this brand look like, and how should it segment  This brand has focussed down on three zones:

  • Singles
  • Adults
  • Matures

This part of the process looks at how best to promote these three distinct sections.

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Top 10 tips on improving your mobile gambling offer

Mobile gambling, as you may have observed should you watch any live commercial sporting event, is big business. Designing this on mobile is at the forefront so always keep these 10 points point front of mind.

Recently, I have been both at the coal face and with the stakeholders at defining what makes a great gambling offer. Here is my To 10 tips on improving your gambling offer.

1.0 Make it beautiful


Implement design rules is also a top tip. For example, instituting a one-size fits all font size policy across your offer can not only eliminate lengthy design discussion each time a new element is introduced but also guarantee legibility on the small screen.

2.0 Minimalist approach


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