Wireframing an on-demand Internet streaming media service


I have been recently working with a colleague on a private project around the world of media streaming. We had got to a level where the tech was getting up to scratch, but the UX was missing.

So, here it is.

Download here Download the PDF: OnDemandStreamingService-Mobile_Tablet



On – screen blueprint representing the skeletal framework of the service. These provide an informed perspective to hit, or in this case, promote what will be business objective and a creative idea. As usual these lacks typographic style, colour, or graphics, as the main focus lies in functionality, behaviour, and priority of content.

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Consumer experiences – How mobile payment #could# change your life

A day in the life

“A day in the life”

A day in the life for a modern consumer living their life through advanced mobile functionality experiences.

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Definition of Done – for a UXer



As a UXer, I am aware of the agile concept, the Definition of Done (DoD). But how does it affect me is another question. Recently I have been invited to a couple of chats while looking at potential career opportunities, in one of them, one Dev Lead was interested in my DoD – so after, I decided I’d research, from a UX perspective, if this was something I should know as many projects fails because ‘done’ is poorly defined.

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Design Principles #2; Experimenting with layout

Design Principles #1; Experimenting with layout

How layout influences our design (Part 2)

Whether you are working in publishing, UI or advertising, the fundamental ideas (which may overlap) about the practice of good ‘layout’ composition will always form the basic structure of your design. The elements form the ‘vocabulary‘ of the design, while the principles constitute the broader aspects of its composition. Here I have compiled a second set of loose design principles that all revolve around the fundamentals of layout graphic design.

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series: To jump back to the first part please click here

7. Pattern Design


Pattern Design

Patterns always been a safe bet for the design arsenal. Repetitive shapes form the back bone of effective graphic design

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Setting up Photoshop like a Pro UXer


Photoshop, the designers ‘must-have’ is such a flexible tool that there are many ways to set up your workflow.

After some 20 years I have found these two to be the most efficient, most transferable within a team, and most manageable i.e. avoiding the dreaded spinning-wheel-of-death


Layer comps

Fickle as clients can be, I’ve come to realise that there will always be amendments. Version after version, where the client/stakeholder/CEO wanna-be-designer suggests colours or positioning changes. Simply switching on/off layers and groups and saving as a state was an ingenious ideas by Adobe. Big pat on the back.


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iOS Casino App for the iphone – UX Design



Next to essentials like food and water, one of the only other industries not effected by the world financial situation is gambling. In fact the industry is booming. There are many UX challenges in designing the perfect game play experience, catering for the green fingered punter all the way through to the seasoned veteran is a difficult balancing act.
Plus, as mentioned, in these more straighten times, to be conscious of not forcing the gambling experience on to the more vulnerable.

Splash screen

Modern smartphone don’t need 2-3 seconds to start up, so the original notion of the start-up or splash screen is now redundant. But brands love to position their logo ‘front of stall’ so for this reason, this screen is important. Keep it simple and remember, if you can’t get your brand message over in 2-3 seconds, think about a re-design.


This is the heart of the application, the place to show off what you have to offer – the ‘showcase‘ if you like. So make it impressive, make it big and try your best to impress.
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Branding an iPad Casino App


1.0 Aims and Objectives

To produce the best-in-class iPad and iPhone App for playing slots and table games.

Recently I was involved in conceptualise and leading the UI for a iOS casino App for both iPhone and iPad.  I’m not going to detail all design decisions here but walk you through my perspective on why branding for this product is so important and why the decisions made differentiate it enough to stand-out in what is already a fiercely competitive and crowded marketplace.

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Wireframing an iPad Casino App


Focusing on planning functionality and layout without design is the most efficient way of concentrating decision markers (especially business or product-owners) to agree on functionality without distraction. Think: function over form.

Personally I love to use traditional pen and paper for wireframing. How about you?

First launch feature areas

This is the main ‘shop window’ to the experience. On first launch, the user to launched in the gambling casino world. Pre-selected games adopt the ‘parallax scrolling’ technique and occupy the prime real estate. There is also functionality to drill down via category types. Account Management and Help are all ‘front-of-store’, as is the ability to push sign up and login promotions.


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Low fidelity prototypes


Why is this basic process, still the best?

I’ve made a few assumptions here, first… you work in UX. Second, you’re familiar with Agile and third, you haven’t much time so I’ll keep this brief. Straight to it, here is a couple of the main advantages of low fidelity prototyping:

  • Get better and more honest feedback
  • More involved collaboration
  • Make the cost of mistakes cheap, not expensive
  • Refine the page flow, not the pages
  • Figure out the interaction design rather than the visual design


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Mobile best practice for registration – Put the users needs before technology


User Registration on Mobile

Watch the videoWatch the animated version here

I have recently been involved in both high-level concept generation through to territory specific text changes in the exiting world of User Registration. These are my top 5 tips to help you streamline your process or find some inspiration.

1. Do not turn-off your client

Very early on you begin to realise that you, as a UX designer answering to Business and shakeholders alike, should avoid providing a dry and labour-intensive solution to what is a tedious process. This will inevitable put off, or turn off, potential new customers from the start. So, as they walk through your virtual door, try to present a broken-down and achievable process where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t forget : Break your offer into bite-sized chunks

Regulations possibly dictate that your customers will need to supply certain information. If so, have them supply that information up-front. That way you, as a caring and customer-centric company can temporally capture that info and call them back should they drop-off. Then you can ask ‘Is everything allright? Can we help you further with your registration?”

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